Female Magician Hull

Miss Direction, female magician performs at a wedding in Hull

Female magician Hull. This weekend I was lucky enough to perform my close up magician talents in my home town Hull. As a magician I perform all over the UK, so it was a treat to go back to Hull and show them just how entertaining a table magician can be.

Female Magician in HullI was asked to perform close up magic at the wedding of Mark and Kirstie. They held their wedding at the beautiful Lazaats. It was a lovely day and the bride looked stunning.

I performed during the photo period. Groups of people were asked to join the photographer at different times, so whilst people were waiting around the lovely gardens I mingled and performed my close up magic.

I got to perform a new trick I’d been working on which I love. I take someones ring, vanish it and make it re appear through flames and attached to a chain. This got some great reactions and seemed to be one of the favourites on the day.

It was great doing close up magic and getting groups of people together, it was a real talking point and the bride and groom said sent me a lovely email this morning saying it has been what their guests have talked about most.

The bride and groom didn’t tell their guests I was going to be there so it was great surprising people. I think because my dress has no sleeves it confuses people even more. Often people think it’s all done with mirrors and sleeves – hopefully I’ve proven to these people in Hull that isn’t the case!

Table Magician Hull

If you, or anyone you know, is thinking of hiring a magician in Hull for a wedding, let me know. I will advise you on the best times. More information on my Female Wedding Magician page. Usually it’s during the photo period, wedding breakfast or evening reception. Obviously this will depend on what else you have going on during the day. Send me a quick email and I will be happy to give you some free advice on making your day more magical.