Miss Direction performs close up magic in Zurich

Miss D, Magician Zurich

Miss D, Magician Zurich

Last week I got to go to Zurich to perform as a table magician at a corporate event. It was to celebrate the MBA Schools 10th anniversary. It was held at the fabulous Kameha Grand Hotel. As a magician I usually got to perform at and event and then come home straight after. I got to stay for an extra couple of days in Zurich to see the sights which was wonderful.

I got to perform close up magic with the talented magician Alan Hudson. We had so much fun. Jetting off on a plane to go to work is something very special in deed. We went round the tables during the 5 course meal and entertained the guests. I’d never been to Zurich before but is always somewhere I’ve wanted to go. To perform there was  a right treat. Close up magic was the perfect entertainment for the guests. English was most peoples second language, magic helped them all experience something together without barriers.

I got to perform a new trick I’ve been working on where a card changes in the spectators hand. I’m pleased to say it was a hit and I will definitely be doing again.

My mind reading went down particularly well. One gentlemen even asked if I could teach him so he could always know what his wife was thinking. As a woman myself I’m not sure we want you to know what we’re thinking all the time. We like to keep you on your toes.

They don’t seem to have many magicians in Zurich (luckily for me) so they had to look at the UK to find us. They were very happy indeed that we were there and even more excited when they found out that I was a female magician, as I keep mentioning we are a rare breed.

I loved going to a different country and experiencing peoples reactions. It has proven to me how strong magic is. No matter where you are from you still get the same reactions of amazement. To put a smile on a persons face and to make them believe in something magical for just a second, makes my job as a magician such a pleasure to do.

Zurich was a beautiful place full of wonderful people, I hope to be back performing magic there soon 🙂