How a magician can make your wedding amazing

Magician weddingGetting married? You might want to read this.

I am sat on a rainy, dull afternoon trying to plan my own wedding. There is so much to think about and do. I thought it would be all romantic, I would find the perfect venue instantly, the perfect dress which would be in budget. Me and my fiancé would agree on everything and the product would be the most perfect day anyones ever had ever. After all I’ve done the hard part by finding the man that I want to marry and spend the rest of my life with. For some strange reason he wants that with me too.

How wrong was I. There is so much to think about. Who to invite, what type of wedding do we want, where do we want it, what will our guests think of what we’ve planned, what will we think of what we’ve planned. How much money should we spend, what is our final, final budget?? I haven’t even got to the seating plans yet.

It dawned on me that there could be something I could do to help. As a close up magician, I go to a lot of weddings (occupational hazard) and the key is for it to be a fun, stress free day for the bride, groom and their guests (mainly for the bride if we’re being honest)

There are a few potential lull moments during the day and that’s where entertainment (me) could really help.

The Photo Period

Whilst you and your new hubby or wifey are whisked away to get papped by the photographer (imagining that you are Bradgelina), you’re guests are wandering around aimlessly waiting for it to be their turn to be called and get the standard group pic. It’s pre food so most people tend to head straight for the free bubbly and see how much they can drink before they have to sit down. Magicians are the perfect entertainment at that point. We can fit into any room, colour scheme and theme you have. We can easily move through the crowds and are very adaptable to our surroundings.

We can gather groups of people and show them something amazing. When you perform magic and need a volunteer, the person you chose feels very special. It’s something people will always remember. It almost feels like you are rewarding them for taking the time to come to you big day and be part of it.

I can always spot the couples that don’t know many people there. They are usually standing on their own in a corner. This is where I can go up to them and start to show them some magic and call other people over to be involved. It really helps to integrate people hopefully creating friendships that will last a lifetime.Oxford Wedding Magician

The Wedding Breakfast

If you do have a lot of guests, it is impossible for everyone to be served food at the same time. Wedding Breakfasts usually last around 2 hours. Probably only about 20 minutes of that time is spent eating. Why not have a magician (me) go round the tables in between courses. People are often pleased to see me at this point. It breaks up dull conversions with people that don’t know each other that well and helps the shy ones to get involved with a bit of bants.

As soon as other tables hear loud laughter and applause, they have no idea whats going on but are desperate to be part of it. It gives a real buzz to the atmosphere and again gives people common ground to talk about. Sharing an experience with someone new is so much better than being told about someone else’s experience and trying to understand it.

After the meal guests usually head up to their rooms and have a bit of a lay down before the evening. This is also a good time for the newlyweds to grab a few moments alone. So don’t hire me then, trust me, I’m a professional and usually end up doing magic to the bar staff.

The Evening Do

It’s that weird point where new guests arrive and meet the existing ones. The atmosphere in the room changes slightly and you can often see them at either sides of the room, like they’re in rival gangs. Again I would come in and wow them with my skills. It will make the new arrivals feel special like you’ve planned this just for them. Just because they weren’t high enough up the pecking order to get a day invite doesn’t mean you don’t care. This proves it.

The people that have been there all day, got drunk then sobered up and are now starting to drink again. They are usually in a sluggish mood at this point and need a bit of life injecting into them. Laughter and clapping usually helps wake them up and might make them more inclined to join in with the new kids.

All in all, from my experience these are the key times for me to perform. Before music gets too loud and people can’t here me speak. Although I am naturally loud, I think that’s from my Greek side.

Hiring a magician to mingle with your guests in a very intimate setting where they can see magic close up is a beautiful, unforgettable experience. It also will win you huge brownie points. It will make your family and friends think that they are very special indeed. You’ve gone that extra mile to make them happy on your day. It will be a hard day to top. It is an extra expense but so much more rewarding than putting on another hour at the free bar or more flowers. People often get free drinks at weddings but rarely do people get to see magic close up and be a part of it.

Did I also mention I’m a female magician?? Very rare in the world of magic. Go on, give it the wow factor. Its an extra surprise for people who think magic is just for old men in ill-fitting suits with shiny waistcoats. Although they are still available if that’s your thing.

Now I’ve managed to waste a bit more time not organising my own wedding. I should crack on.

Good luck to all you wedding planning people out there. I feel your pain.

Miss Direction