Magician Miss Direction wows at Grosvenor House in London

Miss Direction performs at Grosvenor House in London

Miss Direction London

Miss Direction, London Magician

I was fortunate to perform at the beautiful Grosvenor House again for Fullers 170th anniversary bash. There were over 1000 people there and everyone dazzled and sparkled. It was such a wonderful evening and I got to do close up magic with 9 of my favourite table magicians. This was even more of an occasion as I also had another female magician working along side me which is very rare indeed.

Grosvenor House Magician

Grosvenor House Magicians

I tried something different this time and did a mind reading set. This seemed to go down a right treat, people were amazed if not a bit bewildered by my ability to read minds. It was so much fun and something I think I will include more in my close up magic in the future.

I was able to read minds with words chosen from a book, or colours that I thought represented their personalities and cards that they had just thought of. The lady on table 97 was utterly amazed when I was able to tell her that the Queen hearts was the card she was thinking of and begged me to tell her how I did it. As I said, I get lucky sometimes 😉

I love trying out new tricks and new ways to perform them. I wonder what I’ll try next. All in all it was  a fun evening had by all, especially me.