Magician Northampton | Ladies Night – Freemasons

Ladies Night NorthamptonNorthampton magician – I got asked to go along at the weekend to perform table magic for the Freemasons Ladies Night in Northampton. It was a lovely evening, the ladies looked beautiful in ball gowns and sparkles and the men scrubbed up very nicely in tuxes.

They had a 4 course meal and I got to perform close up magic for them in-between the food. I think this is a great time to have me perform table magic. Tables can’t possibly all get served at the same time, there is a time when some people are eating and some are still waiting. I fill that time up nicely, wowing people with my skills and funnies and hopefully making them forget about their rumbling tummies.

Saturday was also great because everything ran exactly on time. There was no loud music when I was perfuming close up magic and I had exactly the right amount of time in-between food to get to every table for about 10 minutes of entertainment. This is the correct amount of time for people to see me. I always get people enquiring that want me to perform for as long a possible. Too much of a good thing in my experience is never good. Some less experienced magicians will go along with what the booker wants and end up performing for hours for a small group of people. This isn’t good. You want people to see only your best and most amazing close up magic. You can’t wow them and then return to see the same people with a trick which isn’t half as good. It completely ruins their memory of you and of their experience. Less is definitely more in this case.

I have worked hard to come up with magic that will entertain and wow people and cut out the stuff that I think people like less. I try to stick to strong magic that I myself enjoy and I know people want to see. These are the things that are very important to think of when hiring a magician. On Saturday, I think after co ordinating with the booker, we got that exactly right.

I had a great time performing for the Freemasons in Northampton. I am wondering how the main man and his good wife were the day after: they had to do a lot of toasting which lead to a lot of drinking on the evening. I still had a few chaps say ‘when they said we were having a magician this evening, I definitely wasn’t expecting you’. I am still educating people one gig at a time that female magicians are great and do exist 🙂