Kat Hudson performs at Silverstone F1 in The Paddock Club

Kat Hudson F1I was extremely thrilled to get asked to entertain hospitality guests at Silverstone over the weekend for Formula 1. It was a very exciting weekend. Although admittedly I’m not a massive fan it was still amazing to be asked and even more amazing to be there for 2 days.

I was asked to perform close up magic at The Paddock Club. There was lots going on – musicians, photo booths and champagne on tap – to name a few. I got to mingle with VIP groups of people before and after the race and practice laps started. It was a great atmosphere and close up magic gave it that little extra bit of excitement.

Guests are invited to spend a full day there at The Paddock Club The race is only on for a small fraction of that time. It was a very good idea to have me perform in between the race and warm up laps, it kept people engaged and got groups chatting.Miss Direction F1 Paddock Club

I even got to try out some new magic that I’ve been working on. I borrow a ring and put it on a nice red velvet rope. I then make the ring cut through the rope without a hole being put in either one. Amazing or what?! It’s my new favourite thing to perform at the moment. I love the reactions people give and there’s a big surprise finale at the end that I won’t ruin for you here.

Miss Direction SilverstoneBeing a female magician it is sometimes difficult to come up with new material. I don’t always have the pocket space to do some tricks. I much prefer borrowing your items to do close up magic, that makes the trick even more amazing and I don’t have to carry around extra items with me. Everybody wins.

It was the first time this year that they had magicians perform at the F1. I’ve been told it was a complete success and something that will continue at Silverstone in The Paddock Club now. I am extremely happy about this and can’t wait to go back next year. You never know where close up magic will appear, usually in the most unlikely of places 🙂