Miss Direction Performs at Blush Charity Event

I recently got to perform at the Blush Charity Ball in aid of breast cancer. It was held at the stunning Marylebone One. I had a right blast.

Being a female magician it was nice to do something to help raise money in support of other women and to go and help them all have a fabulous evening.

Blush Ball

Blush Ball

They held a champagne reception for guests followed by a delicious 3 course meal. It was my job to keep spirits high during the dinner and also help people dig deep into their pockets.

I was asked to perform a bespoke trick for them. They were selling a beautiful pendant necklace to help raise money. I took money off the guests and produced the necklace from the folding note right before their very eyes. I often get asked to come up with a bespoke trick for events. It’s not always that easy and does take quite a lot of preparation, time and lots of practice. It is a lot of fun though as a magician to perform new tricks. This was a great trick for table magic.

Close up magic and table magic is always a great ice breaker at charity events. Especially being a female magician. People are often sat with people they don’t know. Whilst waiting for food to be served or for speeches to start, people often find it hard to strike up conversations. I’m the last person they would expect to come up to them and start performing magic. It’s one of the things I love about it. It always add a little something extra to the evening. Magic is the one thing people will remember from an evening because of how it makes you feel to witness magic close up. It truly is magical.