Miss Direction performs close up magic for The Happy Pets Ball in Solihull



It was that time of year again where I got asked to perform close up magic for the Happy Pets Ball in Solihull. I got to work with some other magicians which is always a treat. Another female magician got asked to perform too which is a very rare treat indeed.

The ball was themed Mods and Rockers and people definitely dressed for the occasion, I don’t know if Solihull were ready for it.

Our close up magic started during the drinks reception. I decided to try my hand at mind reading. I managed to tell people a word they were thinking of. Which amazed them. As a female close up magician it is important to change your tricks around and do new things. Mind reading is fascinating to me and It always goes down well with spectators. I’m not trying to be the next Derrren Brown, I’m just trying to entertain people and have fun too.

Guests were then seated and after a couple of speeches we were set to do table magic. Table magic is great at these events. People from all over the Happy Pet sectors were sat at tables with people they had never met. Magic really does help break the ice. Witnessing table magic close up and experiencing it together, how can you not start a conversation with people who have witnessed the same incredible moment with you.

There were around 400 people at the event so 6 magicians were definitely needed. We didn’t want anyone in Solihull to miss out on the close up magic. Everyone was in extremely high spirits, it could have been the free bar but I’m pretty sure the close up magic helped 🙂 I got to perform all my favourite routines and share great moments with strangers and friends. Thanks fellow magicians for a great night.