Miss Direction wows at Happy Pet Ball in Solihull

Miss D Coventry

Miss D Solihull

I got to perform at the fabulous ball for Happy Pet at the weekend. There were hundreds of people there so I got work with another 3 incredibly talented magicians.

It was Hollywood themed so the ladies and gents were glammed up to the nines and all looked amazing. I did the reception first, performing my close up magic. One group I showed my elastic band trick to were convinced the only way I could have done the trick was if I were to dislocate all my fingers and thumbs. I can assure you that did not happen. It sounds a little bit of a painful process to perform a trick.

I then performed table magic during the 3 course meal. My favourite trick at the minute is where I make a signed card appear in one of my compact mirrors. People were amazed by it. Being a female magician, I like to have something for the ladies in my routine so the card in compact is perfect.

It was great to work with other magicians and to get to see them in action. We all have different tricks that we perform for close up magic and table magic. Guests were treat to a wonderful variety of magic performed in very different styles.

A gentleman at one table commented that I look too young to have built up the skills it would require to perform my tricks. Thank you sir you are too kind, but so right 😉

Mix and mingle magic was perfect for this event. There were lots of people stood and sat together that didn’t really know each other. Close up magic and table magic was a great talking point and gave people a great opportunity to discuss what they had just experienced. I like to thing beautiful friendships were created that evening thanks to us magicians 🙂