Wedding Magician in Nottingham

Colwick Hall Wedding

Colwick Hall Wedding

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog. I have been all over the place. From performing at corporate events at Butlins in Skegness to more recently performing at a wedding reception in Nottingham. In between I did manage to go and see Dynamo perform his live show. It was amazing and you should all buy a ticket immediately to go and see him.

Now back to work. At the weekend I was asked to perform close up and table magic at the wedding reception of the newly Mr & Mrs Barton. They held their reception on the beautiful grounds of Colwick Hall in Nottingham.

The bride looked beautiful and everyone was in high spirits. There was a mixture of ages at the wedding in  Nottingham so close up magic was perfect. I think magic suits all ages. The room we were in was quite small but I think that added to the overall atmosphere when I was working. That also has the advantage of people not needing to go too far to get to the bar, always a bonus 🙂

I got to debut a new trick where I make a signed card appear in the back of a mobile phone. This went down extremely well and is something I will definitely be keeping in my case of tricks. I love being a magician as I get to travel around and meet lots of lovely people. This is why Saturday was probably one of my favourite events I have performed close up magic at. Everyone was friendly and keen to see me perform my close up magic. I still got the usual scepticism at first due to me being a female magician and people still think we don’t exist. Hopefully I proved them all wrong.

I had a couple of young admirers, 2 little girls who followed me around to see me perform. They especially like the trick with fire. Admittedly that is one of my favourites too. Hopefully I have planted the seed for them to have a go and maybe get a magic set. We definitely need more female magicians in the industry to help balance the scales.