zv1ZaZ6imU1NOjj-b9wuT0sjKwMmf-iPbrQxkXOqsK0,MXN96_OmCSKSpM49RdMRPt8CoxFCQnSYZfQbaU9q49cHere are some questions that people ask most frequently (or FAQs). I’ve written them to save you from having to ask, if however you do have more questions please get in touch with me here.

Q. Why should I hire a magician for my event?

The main aim for any event is for everyone to have fun! That’s where I come into it. Hiring a magician is fun and not what most people expect to see at an event. Magic is exciting to watch and brings groups of people together, it is an intimate experience that people can share and will always remember. I love being part of making people have the best time at an event and creating fun for everyone to enjoy.

Q. What’s the difference between close up magic and table magic?

Very little. It basically means the same thing except that table magic is always at a table (for instance when I’m performing between courses at a dinner), and close up magic can be performed anywhere (ie during reception). Just to confuse things further, close up magic can be performed at a table too. Confused? Don’t worry – I know what I’m doing!

Q. What can I bring to your event?

I will bring fun, magic and a bit of glam to your event. Magicians add bewilderment and amazement. Being a female magician I bring even more. As I am a rare breed, people are often fascinated and left even more amazed when I can actually perform tricks as well. I’m always the talk of the party for all the right reasons.

Q. Do you perform at children’s birthday parties?

My magic is aimed at adults so I don’t do children’s parties,  but saying that if I’m at an event where children are present I will always show them tricks and involve them. Most children are not easily fooled and will give the most honest reactions, that keeps me on my toes.

Q. Why should you choose me over other magicians?

I think there’s a magician out there for everyone, we’re all different and have different personalities. I love performing and having fun and in turn everyone around me seems to have fun too. It’s not just about the magic for me, I know my magic is strong, I like to get everyone involved and for everyone to have as much fun as I have.

Q. Can a female magician be as good as a male magician?

I’m not going to dignify that with a response 😉